I'm Amy, a Colorado native, and I have always loved animals, often preferring their company over humans. When I was 16 years old, I read Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation, and immediately went vegetarian. I’m now fully vegan and have never felt healthier, happier, stronger, or younger in my life!

When I’m not taking care of our rescued friends, I try to maintain balance by spending time outside in our beautiful mountains hiking, climbing, and biking. I also love cooking amazing vegan meals.

I seem to attract special needs birds, and am constantly learning new treatments and techniques to care for my little special needs flock that includes mobility challenged, blind/vision impaired, and injured or otherwise sick chickens and ducks. There is always at least one chicken in the house with me.

It is an honor to care for these precious souls here at Rescued Friends, and despite the non-stop work and challenges, this work deepens my veganism and outreach. Each day, each meal, we can choose compassion, and little by little we can change the world.“Be the change you wish to see.”


I’m Von, 49 years young. I love animals. I love this planet. And I value my health. And I want to share this with YOU!


I started Rescued Friends to show people there is another way to live. COMPASSION. Compassion for the animals. Compassion for the planet. Compassion for your health. We are faced with so many choices in our lives, and if we can choose not harming any sentient being, not harming the planet, and not harming ourselves, why wouldn’t we? Well you can! I invite you to come out to Rescued Friends and lets cultivate compassion together and make a change.


You. Me. Us! 

Our hope is not only to save animals from needless pain and suffering, we also hope to open some minds and challenge long-held beliefs. And we will always do so with respect. We will never look down on anyone who eats meat, eggs and dairy. We know that a transition can be very challenging, and we are here to support you and give you encouragement along the way. We are not a "vegan only" place- we welcome all. We just ask that you have an open mind and respect our animal family members by not bringing any animal based foods on to the sanctuary grounds.


Throughout the year, we will host many events such as potlucks, cookouts, picnics and cooking classes to provide delicious plant based foods here. Make sure to check out our Events page to learn more.


We hope to make a difference in your life as well as the lives of animals, and we dream of a day when compassionate eating choices are a given.



Rescued Friends Animal Sanctuary  is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation.

Rescued Friends Animal Sanctuary provides a safe haven for abused and neglected farm animals and offers humane education to the community. Celebrating all life and cultivating compassion.


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Only 10 minutes from Old Town Fort Collins!


1409 Grey Rock Drive

Fort Collins, CO 80524

Email: info@rescuedfriends.org
Tel:  303-746-2500


Please visit our Events page for info on upcoming tours and events!


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