Support your favorite sweetheart all of February at Rescued Friends Animal Sanctuary!

All animals deserve love and compassion. Read more about all of our loving animals below, and select your donation level to make them your sweetheart! 


I am one in 3 million (literally)! I'm one of the lucky ones who didn't up on someone's plate! I will feel even luckier if I get to be your sweetheart! Have you seen My Story?

The Pigs

We are the 5th smartest animals in the world (and number 1 here but don't tell Von and Amy!) The smartest choice is to choose us as your sweethearts!

The Baby Piglets

We are piglets. We are potbellies. We are babies (and we are babier than the goats!). Need we say more?!

The Baby Goats

We are goats. We are babies. Need we say more?

The Sheep

You could be wearing me as a coat, but since we live here we get to wear our own coats! Choose us as your sweethearts and we will keep you warm with fuzzy feelings!


I could be used for meat, or for breeding , or for gloves! But instead I am the king of the sanctuary!


instead of having me on your table, choose me as your sweetie and have me in your heart!

The Chickens

Every year, 9 billion chickens are killed for food and 300 million are in eggs farms! But the 50 of us will live happy and free (and super spoiled) the rest of our lives here!

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